Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I Do (and how and what)

Longleaf – Downtown Longleaf –

Businesses of Downtown Longleaf – Town Ground

Frank Starkey – May 13,2010


We are about connecting people:

We believe that people connected are better than people separated;

We believe that a society of connected people is better than a society of separated individuals;

We believe that people connect . . .

…in myriad ways – formal to informal, over meals, over around issues, conversations, discussions, arguments, rallies, protests, parties, festivals…

…for many different reasons – faith, fun, family, friendship, work, politics, sex, learning, personal growth, celebration…

…across a range of scales – one-on-one, small groups, large groups, crowds…

…in different kinds of places – porches, sidewalks, street corners, cafes, public squares, pubs and restaurants, shops, libraries, meeting halls, studios, offices, schools…

…for different amounts of time – from a few seconds to a life time.

We believe people connect best in physical places. Virtual places like the internet play an important role, but are no replacement for face-to-face connections.

We believe that people know how to connect and do so naturally when given the opportunity, and the places in which to do it. People do not need to be told how to connect, but they do need places to do it, places that foster connecting in all these different dimensions.


We create places for people to connect.

Places of different size, shape, character, location, access, ownership, duration.

Quiet places, bustling places, natural settings, man-made spaces, small places, large places, intimate places, wide-open places, single-purpose places, multi-purpose places, convenient places, and far-off places.

We make sure each place we create fosters connection: its physical design, its environmental qualities, how it is accessed, and its legal status, maintenance, and governance.


Streets, plazas, squares, greens:

Playgrounds, ball courts, playing fields:

Pavilions, meeting halls, gazebos:

Benches and small seating groupings:

Events and activities:

Businesses and civic institutions: