Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's a boy to do?

There is a nexus between agriculture, human habitat, jobs, economic development, renewable energy, education and entrepreneurship; the way our species functions.  For the last century that nexus was a system based on fossil fuel, a system which is unsustainable by definition, and which in fact has been proven to be rather destructive in many ways.  

For the coming century it'll have to be something different.  Something sustainable.  Our challenge is to get there from here - while avoiding or mitigating the potentially  (or according to Jim Kunstler, http://kunstler.com/ certainly) disastrous consequences of the passing of worldwide peak oil output.

The question I ask myself is:  what should a community, a place, a business, an individual, do TODAY to begin this transition.  More specifically, what should Longleaf, Longleaf Development Company, Frank Starkey, do today to begin this transition?  
reintroduce real agriculture
introduce on-site power generation; solar, wind, etc.
turn "waste" streams into resource streams:  harvest rainwater and sewage, recycle and compost  (man, do I wish I'd installed a good old windmill-powered well downtown, instead of a dumb submersible pump!)
encourage entrepreneurship in the Longleaf economy by providing places for businesses to incubate, and supporting the existing businesses
and somehow, there are educational opportunities in all this - with the preschool and elementary school in town, but also with middle, high, technical schools, and the community college and university.

Boy, I'm going to need some help!

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